The Happy Hereafter


Build an afterlife in the hereafter!


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If you like everything related to the dark world of the dead and you would like to decipher secrets and have afterlife adventures, The Happy Hereafter is here to make your dreams come true.

Life in the underworld has never been as fun as it is in this game, where gloomy, likeable characters need you to complete hundreds of missions and help the newly dead build their lives among the shadows.

Who told you that heaven was better? You can work with all the characters to make the underworld a weird, wonderful place, much better than paradise. You can build houses, harvest resources and earn all the money you can in order to build a village that can rival the kingdom of heaven.

The Happy Hereafter contains six worlds and more than 100 missions to complete in order to gain abilities, control more characters and discover marvelous, challenging landscapes.

With the trial version, you can play for an hour.

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